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Serendipity Surface Area

Grow your fortune by increasing your exposure to Serendipity

Piraeus West Jr.

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This Blog is rooted in the conviction that fortune finds the people with a large Surface Area for Serendipity. That’s why this Blog covers a plethora of topics that interest me and therefor might interest others. And those others might find me, comment on or improve this content, inspiring others, moving into a virtuous circle.

Entry level studio on a Raspberry Pi

A dedicated desktop or laptop can be an expensive start of a home music studio. Let's use a Raspberry Pi.

Piraeus West Jr.

1-Minute Read

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I recently discovered the joy of producing my own music. Having played the piano since the age of 5, I have been making music for my family to enjoy. But besides the occasional passerby, the rest of the world did not have access to my music. That has now changed, because I recorded, produced and published some of my originals on channels like:

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